uvdbWe provide a large range of services to the UK water industry.

With over 24 years of experience in the Industry we have developed, processes and equipment to complete various contracts and would be able to advise best options for most contract work.

Please contact us to make an enquiry.

The information below is to be used as a guideline as to the works currently or previously undertaken.

• Haulage suppliers for filter media transfer
• Disposal of waste materials
• Road sweeper services
• Distributor/supplier of Naylor clay tiles
• Drain cleaning/jetting/camera inspections
• Filter refurbishment – see below
• Rapid Gravity Filter refurbishment
• Slow Sand filter refurbishment
• Pressure Filter refurbishment
• COCO Daff filter refurbishment
• Daff filter refurbishment
• Nozzle refurbishment
• Stem nozzle refurbishment
• Filter media placement – hydrostatic
• GAC recovery and off site recycling (haulage cost only for recycling of GAC)
• Filter media washing & separation
• Sand/Gravel
• Gravel/Gravel
• Anthracite/Gravel
• Filter media supply
• Filter media removal
• Filter media recycling
• Filter media recovery
• Solid/fines removal from sludge (separations unit) – secondary digester cleaning
• Secondary Digester cleaning
• Tank cleaning (all including petro chemical)
• UHP blasting tank decks for insurance inspections
• Raw water tank cleaning
• Intake channel cleaning
• River intake cleaning
• Motive water tank cleaning
• Wash water tank cleaning
• Sludge balance tank cleaning
• Contact tank cleaning
• Service Reservoir cleaning
• Service Reservoir inspections
• Confined Space entry including NVQ level 2 inspections
• Plenum chamber cleaning
• Site clearance
• Lagoon cleaning
• Zebra mussel removal

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We are still operating fully so are still able to carry out all essential work.