At the end of February 2014, Transwaste was taken over by Karl Butler, who brought over 23 years of experience in the UK Water Industry to the company. The aim of the company is to continue with the traditional contracts, but to also carry out specialist ‘in house’ contracting services. Please see Site Services Britain Ltd, the sister company of Transwaste Ltd, which has been carrying out these specialist services for many years.​Transwaste Ltd

​Transwaste was first registered in August 1995 by John Connelly, who had 20 years experience in the water industry, with particular reference to extraction, treatment and disposal of silts and sludges, both liquid and dry. One objective was to redirect wastes then going to landfill and recycle them to agricultural or amenity use, subject to testing and analysis proving them suitable.

Transwaste also targeted the extraction, screening, grading and reuse of filter bed media. One of our first contracts was the extraction of media from the redundant slow sand filters at TWUL’s Surbiton Works, screening as required, and haulage of the filter media to various TWUL Works throughout the London area. This started out as a relatively small contract, approx 2000 m3, but continued on and off, as and when the material was needed at other Works, for approx 3 years until all the filter beds were empty.

The company soon expanded into lagoon and tank cleaning and confined spaces work to meet an obvious need at the time, hiring in tankers and other plant to best meet the requirements of each project

We continue to promote recycling of all filter media, and have an agreement in place to recycle all types of redundant GAC (granular activated carbon) from the water industry into other industries.

Health & Safety is paramount to us and our clients and we are now a verified as a class B1 contractor with the Achilles supply chain. Our registration number: 156151

Apart from the initial marketing letter and visiting various buyers and budget holders in the early days, we have never undertaken an advertising campaign, preferring to rely on word of mouth recommendations and building up a nucleus of satisfied customers who sought a managed, quality project.




We are still operating fully so are still able to carry out all essential work.